Young believes that sound strategic plans depend on getting three steps right: a clear analysis of current status and conditions; a specifically targeted outcome that is different from existing reality; and a practical outline of how change will be achieved and how progress will be measured along the way.

In his professional career, Young has developed multiple strategic plans which successfully supported fundamental institutional advancement and change. As a consultant and community volunteer, he has worked with Boards of Directors, community organisers and others to identify strategic opportunities and sensible paths forward to successfully achieve desired outcomes.

Young has experience in planning and leading board workshops, hosting events and away days, developing long- and short-term strategic plans and helping the design and implementation of communications. He has served on – and chaired – several Boards of Directors, and deeply understands the Board’s role in setting healthy strategic directives and then ensuring that resources required for the job are available.

Young also serves as a private coach and mentor for individuals and teams seeking to expand their professional expertise and understanding.

Please contact Young if he can help you with:

  • Advancement office audits
  • Planning and leading board retreats and workshops
  • Hosting events and team away-days
  • Developing fundraising plans and strategies
  • Capital campaign planning and execution