Young has been a leader in higher education and not-for-profit fundraising for over three decades. He believes philanthropy is centred on building transparent and effective relationships between potential donors and institutions.

He believes philanthropy is essentially an act of kindness rather than a transaction, and that all philanthropy must produce demonstrable outcomes.

Young is especially experienced in developing and guiding key donor relationships with those individuals who have the capacity to make a transformational difference to a cause, a community or an institution.

In his career, Young has helped plan and lead fundraising campaigns with a total value of over $1 billion AUD. He has been the Chief Development Officer at four universities around the world.

He has served on multiple boards, including a private day/boarding school, a homeless shelter and a not-for-profit arts organization. He has also provided pro-bono consulting services for a number of health-directed organisations in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Please contact Young if he can be helpful with:

  • Defining and articulating fundraising goals
  • Donor relations
  • Campaign strategic planning
  • Developing top prospect lists
  • Advancement office organisation
  • Increasing board engagement with fundraising